Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rural Community Library Model

Trinity College Library, Dublin. (Photo: Candida Höfer.)

The idea behind this conception is explained quite nicely by the article that was written for our local Newspaper, under Opinions by this gentlemen. To understand the full scope of this proposal one will have top do some work with regards to reading on how this conception is put forward, under the the statement of "Rural Library Community Model."

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Access to information should not know any discrimination in regards to location and to this end, rural communities in Canada should not be less privy to that access that the larger centres have in this regard. Not in this day and age, when the technologies are there that will allowed "a free and direct link to the streaming" of information.

See labels attached for further updating so that one can realize the potential of using the whitespace that is currently going to be freed up, and had been put up on the auction block by our Canadian Government.

This resource is a "free one" and should not be manipulated by corporate interest to further indenture people to what is an inherent right to this access to information. Any attempts to justify this in relation to business is sought only "to profit" from peoples misfortunes. This right of passage should be granted in these economic times to develop and provide learning, while these times require this kind of innovation in thinking and new strategies in a cooperative society.

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