Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Library

See:The Library:Exploring the Background of Information

AS some of you know, earlier, I made reference to a new blogging place that I was working on that I may be moving too. The idea here is that the current blogging place called, "Dialogos of Eide" only reflects the work to materializing ideas that I have had about "information and the back ground" that it supplies for a philosophy that was developing from very "ancient ideas" in regard to not only to Plato, but of the thoughts about the Pythagoreans that has stayed with me throughout as well.

How unscientific it may seem that I have taken a long journey through many science blogging sites to learn of what makes a scientist, to see the behaviour throughout that industry, to have it reflect more the general population, then to say that it sits alone, as a 5% representative of what most do not look at or even concern themself from a general societal point of view.

It is well known the procedural methods adopted to say that herein then, I move forward with the developmental artistic valuation I have assign this new endeavour to illustrate what some may say is subjective in regard to only what scientists can offer in an essay, to say that Einstein's thoughts actually carried some weight with me.

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